Price offer steel buildings

Price Offers: 10x17 meter warehouse, steel hall, garage, agricultural buildings and the like sold reasonably

Steel building - nice offer on steel hall of 10x17 meters.

P.S. The hall can be delivered in a few weeks (only shipping time - optional assembly as well).

Lagerhall 10x17 meter

The construction set as shown in the drawing, we can now offer for approx. kr. 105,000, - + VAT. = kr. 131,250, - incl. VAT.
Shipping costs approx. 1,800 - 2,200 EUR to the Great Eastern Region. Mao. about. kr. 20,000, - + VAT. = 25,000, - incl. VAT.
Building kit including shipping comes at approx. kr. 125,000, - + VAT. = kr. 156,250, - incl. VAT. and including shipping. Additional freight for delivery to South Norway, Western Norway, Trøndelag or Northern Norway.
 The final price of the hall will depend both on production capacity, EURO price and steel prices, so we will have to make some reservations about the time of booking.
NB! This is priced low because the technology is very simple and this has been delivered several places already. We also want a volume sales and have therefore chosen a low price to make this available and interesting for as many as possible.

Lagerhall 10x17 meter sammensatt   Lagerhall 10x17 meter med canvas

Lagerhall 10x17 meter mde torv på taket   Lagerhall 10x17 meter byggesett produsert

the roof Lagerhall 10x17 meter building kit manufactured

It is only a few weeks' delivery time (shipping time only - assembly will be possible as well).
Other orders: The steel and the framework for the hall can be manufactured at approx. 1-3 weeks in Lithuania, and delivered by truck within a few days thereafter.
The price is slightly dependent on the krone and the price per. tonnes for the steel, but as it stands at the moment, we can supply the mentioned steel buildings for the prices listed in the offer.

This building is 10 m. (Width) x 17 m. (Length) but can be customized / changed according to your own wishes and needs.
The roof and construction are dimensioned for a snow load of 350 kg / m2
The kit contains only steel delivery. Other accessories can be supplied for an additional fee.
Between each pillar it is 4.25 meters distance, so perfect for dropping down the 6 '' log of timber (eg 6 '' x 10 '') as a fly-leaf.
Height from floor to height (wall height) is 3.5 meters.
In the gables you can have gates more than 4.5 meters in height if desired.
The ceiling has an angle of 25 degrees, but other roof angles can also be made against change.
The steel structure is initially delivered in gray for durability, and can be painted with almost all colors against a small addition.

NB! We can deliver tailor made goals, the above-mentioned goals are just an example of this hall.

We can, for example, deliver z-profiles and uninsulated roof tiles for the whole building for approx. kr. 70,000, - + VAT. = kr. 87,500, - incl. VAT.
Uninsulated wall panels can be supplied for approx. kr. 44,000, - + VAT. = kr. 55,000, - incl. VAT. for this building. If this is delivered together with the steel structure, we need to make reservations for space on the same car, or shipping for a car. Alternatively, this will be ordered without later from Sweden or Norway, according to what pays off.
The timber lumber must be checked in each case when the price depends on the capacity and whether it is the lumber or the laminated lap.
In addition to steel sheets on the roof, this can also be projected / supplied with canvas / PVC roof for a very simple solution or even peat / moss on the roof (see attachment on both options).

This is basically very easy to coordinate on your own by ordering some local craftsmen, but if needed, we may communicate with some craftsmen who can do this.

These buildings can easily be extended by 4.25 meters according to the distance you wish, possibly shortening accordingly. Then the price is adjusted, but with the above assumptions, you have at least one price to base on the stated objectives.
If we have to project a building with other widths or roof angles, then there will be costs for static calculations as well as new design drawings. These consultancy services can be offered at competitive prices.

Due to the fact that this is to be imported and the authorities require full VAT for importation, construction kits must be prepaid before shipping above the limit. This also in order to keep as low prices as possible without any kind of risk or financial expense.
A company guarantee is paid for the amount paid until the building is delivered on site at a small surcharge (the actual fees for drawing such a bank guarantee).

There is a guarantee of even steel delivery according to EU standard.

Action holders must have provided prior permission from municipality / agricultural authorities / other bodies to build this in accordance with applicable laws and regulations that apply to each project. If desired, we can communicate with the architect or equivalent as the responsible applicant.

It is also assumed that necessary basic investigations have been carried out to ensure that the foundation can withstand the construction.

If any questions, please call +47 90828028 or send an inquiry to