Central approval

Central approval for construction work and control

Hero Bygg & Eiendom AS has a cooperation with many dedicated specialists with different skills, which makes us able to perform a large variety of tasks within the building industry. We also have cooperating engineers, architects and cooperating companies who have central approval for different type of work, where we also can be responsible for applications (SØK), project management (PRO), construction management (UTF) and control of constructions (KUT).

SØK = Applicant / building applications), PRO = Project management, UTF = Construction management and constructions, KUT = Control of constructions

We can offer complete construction projects including all approvals for performance and control at affordable prices both to our own housing customers, private builders and others who need these skills to be able to realize their building project for houses, seasonal homes, office or storage facilities as well as larger areas for development.

We also import and sell building sets of different types of constructions at very reasonable prices.

All constructions can be delivered all over the country according to TEC17.


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