Hero Bygg Corporation

Welcome to our webpage and welcome as existing or new customers. In order for us to handle different kinds of requests within the building industry, both new construction, refurbishing and real estate investments as well for purchase, development and sales we both own our own companies, as well as have many cooperating partners.


Our goal is to be a competitive and professional supplier and cooperating company within the building industry through our company Hero Bygg og Eiendom AS or through one of our other companies which we own. When acting as a general contractor or when renovating or building larger projects this is usually done either by us or through one of our external cooperating companies. We mainly operate in Oslo and Akershus but also in other parts of Norway such as in Østfold, Buskerud, Vestfold and Nes for refurnishing, extensions and key finished projects, while building sets also can be delivered to all of Norway, including assembly of the main construction.

We use our other companies active within the building industry as well. Through Hero Import vi have agreements with several housing factories for production and import of elements and/or modules or precut for one-family houses, two-family houses, town houses, semi-attached houses, smaller apartment buildings, garages and cabins. We also import steel constructions from steel factories in order to deliver steel buildings to farmers, riding buildings, stables, combined office and storage facilities, office buildings, stores, shopping malls, ice rinks and so on. In addition to this we market, sell and deliver wooden constructions to end customers, entrepreneurs, investors and real estate developers through our company VillaVista AS. For key finished projects we can manage this ourselves or through one of our cooperating companies or partners.

We also offer different services within the building industry, like architectural services, project management and control of ongoing projects through our cooperating architects or engineers. Totally we have enough expertise and experience through our system to build everything from simple family houses to advanced apartment buildings and at competitive prices and fast delivery time. Apart from delivery and building of new constructions we also refurbish all types of projects both inside and outside, to both private persons as well as to companies. We can also rent out workers to specific projects and through our system have access to more than 100 skilled workers with a lot of know-how and experience from all different parts within the building industry.

We look forward to contribute that the constructions go as planned, and that the leading time from idea to finished building regardless of what kind of type and size it is as short and flexible as possible.

if you have inquiries, please contact us by phone +47 908 28 028 or send us an e-mail: .